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Gornji Grad

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Gornji Grad
Centro de información turística:OBČINA GORNJI GRAD
Attemsov trg 3, 3342 Gornji Grad
++386 3 839 18 50

Centro de información turística 1:OBČINA GORNJI GRAD
Attemsov trg 3, 3342 Gornji Grad
++386 3 839 18 58
Número de habitantes
436 m
Altura sobre nivel del mar
Clima saludable
Temperatura media en verano:21 °C
Temperatura media en invierno:0 °C
Número de de días de sol anuales:50
Número de días de lluvia anuales:120
Municipality Gornji Grad is situated at the Dreta stream that itself discharges into the Savinja at Nazarje. Geographically speaking, this district is a part of the Upper Savinja Valley. The larger settlements of this municipality Nova Štifta, Gornji Grad in Bočna are situated among of the clean nature the subalpine foothills. They offers a lot of natural and historical sights. Gornji Grad has a rich history. In 1140 was here built up a Benedictine monastery, in the 15th century it became the summer residence of the Ljubljana bishops. The baroque cathedral of St. Hermagor and St. Fortunat has the valuable altar paintings of Kremser-Schmidt (from the 18th century) and the thombs of the first bishops of Ljubljana. A former defense tower, Štekl, houses interesting museum collections: ethnological collection, collection of old religious icon pictures, prayer books as well as some early postcards and photographs. The nature gives one a lot of opportunities to be fit: walking, mountaineering, cycling, skygliding, hunting etc. Everyone who visits Gornji Grad finds something for himself, so WELCOME! 

Transporte de automotores : From direction Ljubljana: drive through Kamnik over Črnivec (distance from Ljubljana: 50 km) From direction Celje: turn in Šentrupert from highway, drive through Mozirje, turn left in Radmirje and after 10 minutes you are in Gornji Grad (distance from Celje: 50 km). 
Transporte de autobús : From Kamnik and Ljubljana: KAM-BUS; from Celje, Mozirje and Velenje: IZLETNIK CELJE 

Oficina de correos : POŠTA 3342 GORNJI GRAD 
Attemsov trg 19, 3342 Gornji Grad 
++386 3 839 14 20 
Tlaka 10, 3342 Gornji Grad 
++386 3 839 13 80 
Tlaka 10, 3342 Gornji Grad 
++386 3 838 31 53 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,2962 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,8063 
Administrator : Gornji Grad - Občina Gornji Grad | | last modified: 11.04.2005
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GPS N: 46,2962
E: 14,8063

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