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The Archaeological site in Libna

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Libna, 8270 Krško
Around the St. Margaret's church on Libna lies a wall fortfied iron age hillfort with numerous burial mounds spread out on the slopes below. The well preserved defensive walls and the high burial mounds of the family-clan type, each containing several graves, have made Libna an interesting research object to the archaeologists from the late nineteenth century onwards. The richer early iron age inhumation graves (from the 7. to the 4. centuries) contain iron helmets, weapons, and horse equipment; the female grave goods include personal ornaments made of glass and bronze and in one case an exceptionall well preserved sceptre. The hillfort was the approaching Roman troops in the 1. century BC. Under the reign of the Roman emperor Galienus (253 - 268) a temporary military outport was established on the site. 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,9558 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,522 
Administrator : Center za podjetništvo in turizem Krško | ++386 7 490 22 20 | | | last modified: 17/01/2014
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GPS N: 45,9558
E: 15,522
Place: LIBNA

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