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The cave Ajdovska jama

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The entrance to the Ajdovska jama cave rise a few metres above Kartuev dol, a small Karts plain in the vicinity of Nemška vas. The cave has been noted since 1884 for the numerous skeletal remains of cave bears, as well as for the pottery sherds and implements made of stone and bone from various archaeological periods. The discovery of late neolithic burials and a cult site is particularly significant. The six-thousand-years-old grave goods include necklaces, bracelets and various tools.
The long-lasting systematic excavationsa render Ajdovska jama one of the most important cave sites in Slovenia. 

Institute Svibna 
Brezovska Gora 19 
Leskovec pri Krškem 
Tel. : ++386 31 329 625 
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GPS Northing (N) : 45,9419 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,4331 
Administrator : Center za podjetništvo in turizem Krško | ++386 7 490 22 20 | | | last modified: 17/01/2014
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GPS N: 45,9419
E: 15,4331

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