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The Podvin market

Tiskanje Dodaj v turistični vodič
Informacije : Vila Podvin

Naslov: Vila Podvin, Mošnje 1, 4240 Radovljica
Datum začetka: 9.8.2014 10:00:00
Datum zaključka: 9.8.2014

At Vila Podvin we believe that only by recognising and acknowledging tradition, including it in our programme, and by uniting and working with the local community, we are able to form and offer an attractive, content-rich programme which ensures the satisfaction of our guests. By uniting and acknowledging traditions we can be confident, proud of ourselves and preserve the uniqueness of being Slovene.

The Podvin Market is held in the garden of Vila Podvin on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 12 noon. The market showcases various local suppliers, restaurants, inns and trades.

Guests and exhibitors learn, get to know each other, share their knowledge, have fun, purchase local products and, in doing so, support the development of the destination.

Chef Uroš finds inspiration for his creative dishes in the traditions and the environment in which he grew up and lives today. At 12 noon you are invited for lunch where ingredients which are available at the market come to life on the plate.

Chef Uroš also runs cookery workshops for children, from 4 years and upwards, and for adults. During the workshop, you will learn to cook dishes from our grandmothers, adapted to cater for modern methods of preparation and using local ingredients with an emphasis on products of original Slovene origin. Only by linking these stories are we able to live and enjoy a full life. 

Skrbnik : Javni zavod Turizem Radovljica | 08 205 13 89 | | last modified: 22.07.2014

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