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3glav adventures - amazing trekking adventures

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Realizador : 3glav adventures

Dirección: Ljubljanska 1 4260 Bled
Phone: ++386 41 683 184
Fun, exciting & healthy adventures which you will remember forever!


Anybody can hike to peaks above 2000 meters right into the heart of Julian Alps.

We'll drive you to Pokljuka Plateau or Vršič mountain pass and from there we'll slowly walk across easy slopes with beautiful views to Debela Peč or Slemenova Špica and stop at some typical mountain huts on the way.

3glav adventures - with its office in the centre of Bled is a local specialist for outdoor activities, accommodation and transfers.

A group of experienced and professional guides who love adventures and untouched nature are specialized in canyoning, kayaking (trips and courses), rafting, bike trips, horsriding, paragliding, sky-diving, quad biking, scuba diving in the lake, trekking and other activities in the area around Bled and Julian Alps. On top of that they use high quality equipment.

Visitors are always more than welcome to get free information about accommodation and transfers, use free internet, very cheap international calls, burn digital photos on the CD and much more which you can check at www.3glav-adventures.com

3glav adventures have a strong policy of responsible tourism, committed to protecting the great outdoors.

paseo de poca exigencia, excursión de poca exigencia, trayecto simple, recorrido de dificultad media, sendero de gran exigencia con protección, ruta expuesta a las ciudades , necesidad de buena orientación, necesidad de uso de casco, necesidad de autoseguridad 

por el valle, en la media montana, en las altas montanas 

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paseos, excursiones familiares, recorridos grupales, senderos junto a los lagos, senderos junto a los ríos, senderos hacia las cascadas, senderos por los bosques, senderos hacia las planicies de pastoreo, recorridos por las altas montanas, ascensos para escaladas, senderismo invernal 

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Número máximo de participantes : 20 

guiados, individual 

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