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Through Vintgar

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Through the canyon along a blue-green river

When you follow the marked route past the Church of St Catherine down to the Šum na Radovni waterfall, you enter a realm of water and rock which would be completely impassable if it weren’t for the marked route. We can now walk through Vintgar with great ease and take numerous breaks along the way to admire the amazing canyon scenery, where the walls in some places are only few metres apart. To return to the starting point, simply follow the walking route over the scenic slopes under Hom. There you can soak up the panoramic view of the near and distant stretches, as this is one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Gorenjska region.

Duración de la excursión : 2 hours 
Dolžina : 5 km

easy tour 

Diferencia de altitud de : 150 
Mapas : Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000), Bled (1 : 30 000), Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000) 

Turizem Bled 
Cesta svobode 11 
Teléfono : ++386 4 578 05 00 
E-mail :  
Página de Internet : http://www.bled.si 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3947 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1076 
Administrator : SPIRIT Slovenija | | last modified: 16.02.2009
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GPS N: 46,3947
E: 14,1076
Destino turístico: Julian Alps
Lugar: ZASIP

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