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12. Rateče to Zelenci (the source of the Sava River) and back past the chairlift Velika Dolina

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Organizer : LTO Kranjska Gora

Address: Kolodvorska ulica 1 b 4280 Kranjska Gora
Phone: ++386 4 588 50 20, ++386 4 580 94 40
Fax: ++386 4 588 50 21, ++386 4 580 94 41
The trail starts from the pillar at the bus station in Rateče. Head through the village towards east, cross the main road and go to a parking lot. From there it should take 10 minutes to reach Zelenci, a source of the Sava River. When returning, you can head towards Podkoren; after several 100 metres cross the Sava River and, passing the chairlift, return to Rateče on the cycling track. An area called Zelenci is a nature reserve where a few rare and indigenous plant and animal species live. The area was researched by Sir Humprey Davy, a renowned natural scientist and inventor. A special feature of Zelenci is the constant water temperature, varying between 5 and 6 degrees Celsius irrespective of air temperature.  
Duration of tour : 45 min 
Dolžina : 3,4 km

undemanding walk 

around the valley 

Range of hiking available
family excursions, walks 


Administrator : LTO Kranjska Gora | ++386 4 588 50 20 | | last modified: 22/08/2014

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