Themed accommodation

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The quest to best serve guests’ needs and wishes has seen the rise of themed accommodation and other dedicated packages in Slovenia. Examples include accommodation for hikers and bikers, accommodation for visitors to natural health resorts and thermal spas, and typical regional holiday homes such as the zidanica in Dolenjska.
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Dedicated accommodation for bikers

Many hotels, hostels and tourist farms in Slovenia provide dedicated services for bikers.

Dedicated accommodation for hikers

Get some comfort and good rest after walking the trail by staying at dedicated accommodation.

The hotels of Slovenia's natural spas

All the very best accommodation of Slovenia's 15 natural spas in one place.

Houses of Tradition

Accommodation in Houses of Tradition in Slovenia is distinguished by its traditional character, which has been ...

Ski Wellness

Would you like to end a skiing day with a relaxing massage or sauna visit? Who could say no to this question?

Overnight stays in castles and mansions

Become a nobleman, even for just one night. Several Slovenian castles and mansions offer accommodation.

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