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Celje Tourist Information Center

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Dirección: Krekov trg 3 3000 Celje
Phone: ++386 3 428 79 36, ++386 3 492 50 81
Fax: ++386 3 428 79 31
Tourist Information Center, tourist agency - incoming, event organizer 

The Celje Tourist Information Center offers a wide selection of informative material on Celje and its surroundings as well as information on attractions and events in the Celje region.
In addition, they sell wonderful souvenirs and a variety of books, and you can book professional guides for tours of the city and castle, send e-mail postcards, and learn all about hotel accommodations, restaurants and bars, and the sports offer.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,2282 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2671 

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Administrator : Zavod Celeia Celje | ++386 3 428 79 36 | | last modified: 05.02.2014
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GPS N: 46,2282
E: 15,2671
Lugar: Celje

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