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Apartma Pr' Brovču

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Address: Zakojca 3 5282 Cerkno
Phone: ++386 5 377 98 28, ++386 41 602 572
The apartment is located in Zakojca village, on the upper floor of a residential house, with a separate entrance.
Additional offer: outdoor barbecue with covered terrace, nice spot on the lawn for relaxation, possibilities of hiking (Porezen, Kojca, Črna Prst hills …). Possible tours of the Zakojška grapa gully with waterfalls, deserted farms and a nice view of Zakojca.
Offer: located 100m from the Flander Tourist Farm, where other provisions are available.  Next to the house there are skiing grounds. Located in the village there is also the house of birth of the Slovene writer France Bevk.
Location: Access is possible from Cerkno via Želin, Reka and Bukovo (18 km). Another possibility is from Cerkno via the picturesque villages of Gorje, Razkriž, Jesenica, Bukovo and Zakojca (20 km) or from Baška grapa from Grahovo (10 km).  The most attractive and shortest way is from Baška grapa, from Hudajužna on the macadam road leading past Bevk’s House to Zakojca.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,1657 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,9278 
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GPS N: 46,1657
E: 13,9278

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